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Les Witches

Fortune My Foe. Music of Shakespeare’s Time – Les Witches

Fortune My Foe – Music of Shakespeare’s Time 
 Les Witches

John Dowland
01. King of Denmark’s Galliard
Board Lute-book
02. Market is Done
03. Fortune my foe
04. Robin is to the green wood gone 
05. Bonny sweet boy 
Anonyme / John Playford
06. Rowland / Kemp’s Jig
Michael Praetorius
07. Packington’s Pound, courante
Maurice Webster (T. Simpson)
08. Mascarada
John Coperario (W. Brade)
09. Cupareree or Graysinn
Nicholas le Strange
10. The furies 
11. Goe from my window
Robert Johnson / Johann Schop
12. The Nobelman
Nicholas le Strange
13. The second Witches dance

William Brade
14. Satyrn Dance

15. Browning

Dowland / Jacob von Eyck
16. Pavane Lachrimae

Nicholas le Strange
17. The Ladyes 2nd Masque
18. The Ladyes 1st Masque

Thomas Morley
19. Joyne hands 
Thomas Robinson
20. The Bells

Thomas Morley
21. The Lord of Oxenford Maske

William Brade
22. The Nymphs Dance

 N. le Strange and Ballette Graves / N. le Strange / Jacob van Eyck
 23. The Standing Masque
Robert Johnson (W. Brade)
24. The first Witches Dance

Anonyme / (D. Wright)
25. Muirland Willie

Intérpretes: Les Witches: Odile Edouard, violin; Claire Michon, flûtes a bec; Pascale Boquet, luth: Freddy Eichelberger, clavecin
Duración: 64′ 20”

Fecha y lugar de grabación:  Saint Germain, Auditorium du Conservatoire National de Region de Poitiers, Francia [agosto, 1996]