by mastranto


Elizium. Elizabeth Ballads, Ayres & Dances – Pantagruel

Elizium. Elizabeth Ballads, Ayres & Dances 

01. Come liue with me and be my loue
02. Eliza is the fairest Queene
03. Joy to the person of my love
04. Daphne
05. O thou silver Thames
06. Fair angel of England
07. The Buzzeinge Bee’s Complaynt
08. Ale & Tobacco
09. What first did breake thee
10. A late regrate of Leirning to Love
11. Ring out your bells! 

Intérpretes: Pantagruel: Hannah Morrison (voice); Dominik Schneider (flutes, cittern , voice); Mark Wheeler (lut, vittern)


Lugar y fecha de grabación:  septiembre 2006