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The Baltimore Consort

Gut Wind and Wire – The Baltimore Consort

Gut Wind and Wire
The Baltimore Consort


1. Scotch Cap
La Rocque ‘n’ Roll
2. Galliard d’escosse
3. Laroque Galliard
4. Alemande de Liege
A Scottish Air
5. Doun in yon bank
The Scottish Lute
6. The Canaries
7. Canaries
An Engilsh Country Ball
8. All in a Garden Green
9. Parsons Farewell
10. Beggar Boy
11. John Come Kiss Me Now
12. Newcastle
La Rocque ‘n’ Roll
13. Branle double
14. Branle de Montirade
15. Branle de la torche
Celtic Flute
16. Johnny Faa
17. Chanter’s Song
18. O’Keefe’s Slide
19. Sixpenny Money
20. Ten Penny Bit
21. Clare Jig
Ronn’s Tunes
22. Sycamore
23. Indigo Road
The Ladye’s Delight
24. My Lord of Oxenford’s Maske
25. The Queen’s Treble
Renaissance Italy
26. Bianco Fiore
27. Catena d’amore
28. So ben mi ch’ha bon tempo
Music’s Silver Sound
29. Joyne Hands
30. Paven
31. Galliard
32. Green Garters
Celtic Flute
33. Pentland Hills
Scotland’s Native Airs
34. Whip my Toudie
35. Remember me at Evening
36. A Scot’s Tune

Intérpretes: Mary Anne Ballard, treble viol, fiddle, bass viol, tenor viol; Mark Cudek, cittern, bass viol; Larry Lipkis bass viol, tenor viol; Ronn McFarlane, laúd; Chris Norman, Renaissance flutes; Mindy Rosenfeld; William Simms, guest artist; Edwin George, guest artist

Duración:  57:56

Lugar y fecha de grabación: noviembre 2007

On the Banks of Helicon – The Baltimore Consort

On the Banks of Helicon
Early Music of Scotland
The Baltimore Consort

1. Anon. Pills 1719: Over the hills
2. Anon. Panmure MS 7 c.1680: Kathren Oggie
3. Anon. Forbes 1662: In a garden so green
4. Anon. Wode 1562-c.1592: My heartly service
5. Anon. The English Dancing Master 1651: Scotch Cap
6. Anon. Skene MS c. 1620: The flowers of the forrest
7. Anon. Skene MS c. 1620: Kilt thy coat, Magge
8. Anon. Skene MS c. 1620: Canaries
9. Anon. Skene MS c. 1620: I wiill not go to bed till I suld die
10. Anon. Pills: Jockey loves his Moggy dearly
11. Pierre Cedéac (pub. 1538): Our Father God celestial
12. Anon. Margaret Ker’s MS n.d.: Come my children thee
13. Andro Blackhall (1535-1609): On the banks of Helicon
14. Anon. Wode: Prince Edward’s Paven
15. Anon. Wode: Lyk as the dum solsequium
16. Anon. Eliz. Rogers MS 1656: The Scots Marche
17. Anon. Art of Music c. 1580: Support your servant
18. James Lauder 1584: My Lord of March Paven
19. Anon. Wode: O lustie May
20. Anon. Skene: Doun in yon bank
21. Estienne Du Terte (pub. 1557): Branles d’Ecosse
22. Anon. Stirling MS 1639: Joy to the person of my love

Intérpretes: Mary Anne Ballard (treble viol, fiddle, bass viol, tenor viol), Howard Bass (bandora), Mark Cudek (cittern, bass viol), Edwin George (bagpipe, recorder), Alice Kosloski (alto), Custer LaRue (soprano), Larry Lipkis (bass viol, tenor viol), Ronn McFarlane (lute), Chris Norman (Renaissance flutes)

Duración: 65’40”

Lugar y fecha de grabación:The Troy Saving Bank Music Hall in Toy, Nueva York, Estados Unidos [octubre/1989]

Bright Day Star – The Baltimore Consortl

Bright Day Star
The Baltimore Consort

Christmas Traditional
1. Ding Dong! Merrily on High (French)
2. The Old Year Now Away Is Fled
Christmas Traditional
3. Christmas Day in da Mornin’
4. The Cherry Tree Carol
Nickolaus Hermann
5. Wir singen dir, Immanuel
Christmas Traditional
6. The Wren Song (Irish)
7. A Wassail tune (Chestnut)
William Sandys
8. Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
John Bull
9. Een Kindeken Is Ons Geboren for keyboard in G
John Stainer
10. The Bellman’s Carol
Christmas Traditional
11. Jesus born in Bethn’y, Christmas jig
Michael Praetorius
12. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen (Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming), instrumental arrangements
Johann Michael Bach
13. In Dulci Jubilo, for organ
Christmas Traditional
14. Rorate coeli desuper
15. Drive the cold winter away
Thomas Ravenscroft
16. Remember, O thou man (from Melismata, 1611)
Michael Praetorius
17. Der Quempas (Quem pastores laudavere)
Christmas Traditional
18. Christmas is my name
Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi
19. In dir ist Freude
Christmas Traditional
20. Hey for Christmas!

Intérpretes: Chris Norman: wooden flute, Ronn Mcfarlane: lute, Mark Cudek: bandora, cittern, viol ,Custer Larue: soprano, Larry Lipkis: viol, recorder, gemshorn, Mary Anne Ballard:rebec, viol, Webb Wiggins: organ

Duración: 67′

Fecha de grabación: Octubre 1994