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The Broadside Band

Il Ballarino – Italian Dances c.1600 – The Broadside Band

Il Ballarino – Italian Dances c.1600 
The Broadside Band – Jeremy Barlow

Fabritio Caroso: 
1.  Cascarda allegrezza d’amore
Cesare Negri:   
2.  La catena d’amore 
Fabritio Caroso: 
3.  Balletto celeste giglio 
Antonio Gardane:  
4.  Galliards, “Moneghina” and “La canella”  
Livio Lupi da Caravaggio:  
5.  Balletto alta carretta 
Giorgio Mainerio: 
6. Ballo francese – Tedesca – Schiarazula Marazula – Ungarescha 
Cesare Negri:
 7.  Bassa gioiosa     La nizzarda 
Antonio Valente:
8.   Gagliarda lombarda – Ballo lombardo – Gagliarda seconda 
Giovanni Gastoldi:
 9. Balletto la sirena 
Fabritio Caroso:
10.  Balletto forza d’amore
Giovanni Picchi:
11.   Saltarello del pass’e mezo – Ballo ongaro 
 Fabritio Caroso:
12.  Balletto alta gonzaga 
Cesare Negri:
14.   Il canario 
15.   Ballo del fiore

Intérpretes:  Jeremy Barlow (flute, ocarina, recorders, harpsichord, chamber organ, regal), Alastair McLachlan (renaissance violin), Rosemary Thorndycraft (treble viol, bass viols), George Weigand (lute, mandore, cittern, chitarrone, guitar).

Duración:  58′ 25″

Lugar y fecha de grabación: The Meeting House, Frenchay, Bristol (Inglaterra), [Junio – 1986] 

Songs & Dances From Shakespeare – The Broadside Band

Songs & Dances From Shakespeare
The Broadside Band. Director : Jeremy Barlow
1. Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies – The Tempest
2. Where The Bee Sucks, There Suck – The Tempest
3. O Mistress Mine Where Are You Roaming – Twelfth Night
4. The Poor Soul Sat Sighing (The Willow Song) – Othello
5. It Was A Lover, And His Lass – As You Like It
6. Sellengers Round – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
7. Scottish Jice ‘Scotch Jig’ – Much Ado About Nothing
8. Hoboken Brawl ‘Brawl’ – Love’s Labour Lost
9. Staines Morris 2 – Henry IV, All’s Well That Ends Well
10. How Should I Your True Love Know – Hamlet
11. Tomorrow Is St. Valentine’s Day – Hamlet
12. And Will He Not Come Again – Hamlet
13. In Youth When I Did Love Hamlet – Hamlet
14. The Woosell Cock, So Black Of Hue – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
15. O Sweet Oliver – As You Like It
16. When Daffodils Begin To Peer – The Winter’s Tale
17. Jog On, Jog On, The Footpath Way – The Winter’s Tale
18. When That I Was And A Little Tine – Twelfth Night
19. Kemp’s Jig – Twelfth Night
20. Passamezzo Pavan – Twelfth Night
21. Bergamasca – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
22. QM [Queen Mary’s] Dumpe – The Taming Of The Shrew, The Two Gentlemen Of Verona, Romeo And Juliet, The Rape Of Lucrece
23. As You Came From That Holy Land – Hamlet
24. I Loathe That I Did Love – Hamlet
25. Bonny Sweet Robin – Hamlet
26. Come Live With Me – The Merry Wives Of Windsor
27. There Dwelt A Man In Babylon – Twelfth Night
28. Farewell Dear Love – Twelfth Night
29. Fortune My Foe – The Merry Wives Of Windsor
30. The Earl Of Essex Measure – Love’s Labour Lost, Romeo And Juliet, Richard II, Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, Henry VIII
31. La volta – Troilus And Cressida
32. The Sinkapace Galliard – Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing, Henry V
33. Coranto – Henry V., Much Ado About Nothing
34. Take, O Take Those Lips Away – Measure For Measure
35. Sigh No More Ladies – Much Ado About Nothing
36. Hark, Hark, The Lark – Cymbeline
37. Lawn As White As Driven Snow – The Winter’s Tale
38. Get Ye Hence – The Winter’s Tale
39. When That I Was And A Little Tiny Boy – Twelfth NightIntérpretes:Jeremy Barlow (flute,virginals, recorders, pipe and tabor ), Alastair McLachlan (renaissance violin), Rosemary Thorndycraft ( bass viols), George Weigand (lute, mandore, cittern), Deborah Roberts (soprano). John Potter (tenor). Director: Jeremy Barlow

Duración:69′ 46”

Lugar y fecha de grabación:

Danses populaires françaises et anglaises du XVIe siècle – The Broadside Band

Danses populaires françaises et anglaises du XVIe siècle
Thoinot Arbeau, éd / John Playford
The Broadside band – Jeremy Barlow, dir.

de Thoinot Arbeau, ed.: L’Orchésographie

  1. Branle double
  2. Branle simple
  3. Branle gay
  4. Branle de Bourgoigne
  5. Branles de Champagne couppez. Cassandra
  6. Pinagay
  7. Charlotte
  8. Jouyssance vous donneray: basse danse
  9. Tourdion I
    Tourdion II
  10. Belle qui tiens ma vie: pavane
  11. La traditore my fa morire: gaillarde
  12. Anthoinette: gaillarde
  13. J’aymerois mieulx dormir seulette: gaillarde
  14. La volte
  15. Branle de Poictou, 71
  16. Branle d’écosse
  17. Branle de Bretagne
  18. Bransles morguez. Branle de Malte
  19. Branle des lavandières
  20. Branle des chevaulx
  21. Jouyssance vous donneray
  22. Three French corantos
  23. Basse danse
  24. Recercada segunda
  25. La dance de la haye
  26. Branle de l’Official
  27. Morisques
  28. Canaries
  29. Les bouffons
  30. Playford, John: The English Dancing master

  31. Grimstock
  32. Upon a Summer’s day
  33. The Spanish gipsy
  34. Rufty, Tufty
  35. Gray’s Inn Mask
  36. Bobbing Joe
Intérpretes: The Broadside Band: Jeremy Barlow, Flûtes et clavecin; Alastair McLahlan, Violon; Rosemary Thorndycraft, violes, vielle a roue; George Weigand, luth,mandore, cistre, guitare; David Corkhill, tambourin, tambour ténor, triangle . Jeremy Barlow, dir. 
Duración: 58′ 45″

Fecha y lugar de grabación:[1]-[29] Henry Wood Hall, London, Great-Britain [08/1982]
[30]-[35] Desconocido [08/1984]