The Dragon Scale Consort

A Consort of Dances – The Dragon Scale Consort

A Consort of Dances
The Dragon Scale Consort

01. Petit Vriens
02. Hole in the Wall
03. Horse’s Bransle
04. La Franchoise Nouvelle
05. Rufty Tufty
06. Jenny Pluck Pears
07. Earl of Salsbury Pavane
08. Bizzaria d’Amore
09. Amoroso
10. Ly Bens Distonys
11. Gathering Peascods
12. Contrapasso in Due
13. Sellinger’s Round
14. Black Nag

Intérpretes:Ron Williams, bodhran drum; Moira Chance, alto recorder; Heather Fretwell, alto recorder; Eric Browning, soprano recorder; Amanda Browning, great bass recorder; Robyn, the cittern, Gwyn ,  harp; Bill Dixon, tambourine.

Duración: 50:10

Lugar y fecha de grabación: USA.  [enero 2002]