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The Folger Consort

Showers of Harmonie. Dances & Songs of Renaissance England – The Folger Consort

Showers of Harmonie. Dances & Songs of Renaissance EnglandThe Folger Consort

John Dowland (1563-1626)
01 Mrs. Nichols her Alman
02 This merry pleasant spring
John Dowland
03 Lady Laiton’s Almain/The Most Sacred Queen Elizabath, her Galliard/The Lady Rich’s Galliard
Philip Rosseter
04 When then is love but mourning?
John Dowland
05 Sir Henry Upton’s Funerall
Richard Allison
06 Allison’s Knell
John Dowland
07 Captain Diorie Piper his Galliard
Thomas Campion
08 It fell on a summer’s day
Robert Parsons
09 De la court (fantasia)
John Dowland
10 Mr. George Whitehead’s Alman
11 Flow my tears
12 Henry Noel his Galliard
Thomas Morley
13 La volto
Thomas Ford
14 Fari, sweet, cruel
John Dowland 15 John Langton’s Pavan
Thomas Morley
16 Sola soletta
John Dowland
17 Semper Dowland semper dolens
Thomas Weelkes
18 The cries of London

Intérpretes: Robert Eisentein (viol), Christopher Kendall (lute), Scott Reiss (recorders), Mark Bleeke (tenor), Tina Chancey (viol, violin), Wendy Gillespie ( viol, cittern), Mary Sringlels (viol, bandora), Bresnt Wissick (viol)
Duración : 65′:4”
Fecha de grabación: enero 1988 (The Gret Hall of Folger Shakespeare Library , Washington)