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The Toronto Consort

Mariners and Milkmaids – The Toronto Consort

Mariners and Milkmaids
Ballads and Dances from 17th Century England
The Toronto Consort – David Fallis

  1. The Cut-Purse
  2. Come ashore Jolly Tar & your Trousers on
  3. Never love thee more
  4. Gilderoy
  5. John Bennet: Luer, Faulkners, luer
  6. In Eighty Eight
  7. The Sailor Laddie / The Sailor Lassie
  8. Epping Forest / The English Huntsuppe / The Old Mole
  9. The Cries of London / The Queen’s Delight
  10. The Countrey Lasse
  11. The Milke-maid’s Life
  12. An Italian Rant / The Chirping of the Larke / The 29th of May
  13. The Recruiting Officer
  14. Thomas Bateson: Sister awake
  15. Waltham Abbey
  16. Ravenscroft: New Oysters
  17. ‘Twas within a Furlong of Edinborough Town
  18. Ravenscroft: Wee be Souldiers three
  19. Sweet William
  20. Mad Tom
  21. The Faulconers Hunting
  22. Boate man
  23. Byrd: The Maidens Songe
  24. Ravenscroft: Wee be three poore Mariners
  25. Greensleeves

Intérpretes: The Toronto Consort : David Fallis (tenor, percussion, harpsichord), Ben Grossman (percussion, hurdy-gurdy), Katherine Hill (soprano, viol), Paul Jenkins (tenor, harpsichord), Terry McKenna (lute, guitar), Alison Melville (recorder, flute), John Pepper (bass), Laura Pudwell (mezzo-soprano), David Greenberg (violin)

Duración: 76′

Lugar y fecha de grabación : Toronto, Canada [ Noviembre 2001] 

The Way of the Pilgrim. Medieval Songs of Travel – The Toronto Consort

The Way of the Pilgrim 
Medieval Songs of Travel
The Toronto Consort

    Pilgrims and Crusaders I

     Alfonso el Sabio (attr.), Cantigas de Santa Maria

  1. Cantiga 166: Como poden per sas culpas os omes seer contreitos
  2. Thibaut de Champagne

  3. Seigneurs, sachiez
  4. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.), Cantigas de Santa Maria

  5. Cantiga 189: Ben pode Santa María guarir de toda poçon
  6. Anon., 13th c.

  7. Chevalier, mult estes guariz
  8. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.), Cantigas de Santa Maria

  9. Cantiga 167: Quen quer que na Virgen fia e a roga de femença
  10. Wandering Scholars – the Carmina Burana

     Anon., 13th c., Carmina burana

  11. Clauso chronos
  12. Virent prata
  13. Bonum est confidere
  14. Bache bene venies
  15. The Last of the Minnesänger

     Oswald von Wolkenstein

  16. Es fuegt sich
  17. Pilgrims and Crusaders II

    Huon de Saint-Quentin

  18. Jerusalem se plaint
  19. Walther von der Vogelweide

  20. Nu alerst
  21. Thibaut de Champagne

  22. Dame einsi est
  23. Chardon de Croisilles

  24. Li despartir
  25. Anon., 14th c. El Llibre Vermell

  26. Los set gotxs recomptarem

Intérpretes: The Toronto Consort:  David Fallis (tenor, percussion), Paul Jenkins (tenor), Terry McKenna (lute, bouzouki), Alison Melville (medieval recorder), John Pepper (bass), Laura Pudwell (mezzo-soprano) & Ben Grossman (percussion, organistrum, ud), Katherine Hill (soprano, vielle, rebec), Alison Mackay (vielle, in # 10) – David Fallis, art. dir. 

Duración: 65′ 42″
Lugar y fecha de grabación: Humbercrest United Church. Toronto, Ontario, Canada [febrero 2000]